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Welcome to the ‘STRASSER’ website  by Ekundayo

It is about time we trace the members of the wider Strasser family and identify our links and relationship with this clan.

Our fore parents established us in Sierra Leone over generations, but ignorance as to our history/roots created a cloud to our origin and the links between the Strasser branches/families.

A larger percentage of the older population of Freetown came to know, respect and admire the Strasser clan because we epitomized humility, hard work, contentment, respect for mankind and, above all, we were rooted in religion and fearfulness for God.  These have always been the guiding principles to our survival.

How did this family come about?

Sometime between 1843/44, Rev. Christopher Frey was appointed priest for the CMS church at Waterloo, St. Michael and All Angels, which had just been extended to accommodate 900 worshipers, from the previous 250. Rev. Christopher Frey was a European missionary on a supporting mission to the spiritual development of both settlers and indigenous Waterloonians of the post slave - trade era.

He recruited a servant, who was a freed slave of Gold Coast origin (original name unknown), and baptized him into Christianity. Mrs. Frey, the wife of German origin, gave ‘the baptized’ the name Hans Strasser, in memory of her late brother, a soldier who was killed during the war.

Hans Strasser occupied pride of place in the Waterloo community and got several children, in and out of wedlock. These children and their offspring metamorphosed to the Strasser, Strasser-King, Strasser-Nichol, Strasser-Davis, Strasser-Cole, Strasser-Williams, with additional compound names now being revealed, for which we need the links.

One notable thing about the children of Hans is that when the daughters, married or unmarried, bore their own children, they kept the Strasser and compounded it with the husband’s or boyfriend’s name, thus the explanation for the double-barrel Strassers.

It is incumbent on us, the surviving generation, to develop our direct family trees to be posted to the site.

Any useful pictures, document or write-ups to update the site will be appreciated.

Let us collectively preserve our family heritage with pride and gratefulness to our ancestors.