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Sierra Leonean/African heritage by Christopher

CROWN - “King” in Strasser-King

ROAD SIGNAGE - indicate movement and passage of time and generational transition - from old to new, from past to present and from present to future . Generational handoff also approximates to fertility and lineage. Road also represents lands visited, the travels of the clan, the dispersion and scattering of the family across the world, the journey that we have made to today and that we will continue on. The road also indicates overcoming in the past and continuation into the future. The suffix “strasse” is also found on road names in Germany.

STOP – The 8 faces of the octagon represents our plurality. The many sides are distinct but can all be connected in the center and thus share a common core. It reminds us to Stop and remember that we all share the same root and nucleus and that family unity is critical. If the core is compromised we all are. This core holds the clan together.

SQUARE – Information is normally written on square and rectangular road signs. This symbolizes our educational tradition, growth and learning. It speaks to a commitment to tireless self-improvement – personally and professionally – and passing that tradition to offspring so that they may never have to depend on others to survive. It is also regulatory and guides us to maintain integrity and high character.

CIRCLE – This has a number of uses in road signage and this versatility embodies the universe and the world that we live in. We do not live in it alone and it reminds us to be open-minded and tolerant of others and their differences. It evokes the humanity that we share with others - families, friends, ethnic groups, races and nationalities.

YIELD – The inverted triangle reminds us to yield to God. It positions us in respect and thanksgiving. It clarifies that we are not in control all the time and He has right of way. The triangle also refers to the trinity, representing our family's religious commitment and religious tradition.